Research-Inspired Books

  • Anders Ericcson -- Peak: Science of Expertise
  • Julie Dirksen -- Design for How People Learning (2nd Edition)
  • Richard E. Clark (Editor) -- Learning From Media (2nd Edition)
  • De Bruyckere, Kirschner, Hulshof: Urban Myths in Learning
  • Brown, Roediger, McDaniel: Make it Stick
  • Ruth Clark: Building Expertise
  • Ruth Clark: Evidence-Based Training Methods
  • van Merriënboer & Kirschner: Ten Steps to Complex Learning
  • Benedict Carey: How We Learn
  • Hattie & Yates: Visible Learning and the Science of How We Learn
  • Richard Mayer: Applying the Science of Learning
  • Richard Mayer: Computer Games for Learning
  • Clark & Mayer: e-Learning and the Science of Instruction
  • Clark & Estes: Turning Research Into Results